a passion for wine

When we first moved to Fallbrook, CA, we became the proud owners of a very thirsty and expensive avocado grove. With California water rates being what they are, we knew we’d have to find another solution and purpose for the land…and fast! 

We’d always had a passion for wine, and ten years prior to moving to California, Bill became active in a wine club in Wichita where he honed his love and knowledge of wine. One day Bill said “We could plant a vineyard!”. Colleen's reaction: “But we don’t know ANYTHING about growing a vineyard!”, and Bill said: “We can learn”.

Before long, we were visiting neighbors vineyards and soaking up every bit of knowledge we could learn about growing grapes and managing a vineyard.  Then we visited Fallbrook Winery and discovered that they could help us plant the grapes, produce and bottle our wine.  The decision was made.

2006 was a banner year! 

After clearing a hillside that had been covered with avocado trees, Jackson Vineyards was born with the first planting of 425 Syrah plants in early March 2006.  

Then in September, to make 2006 even more special, we (along with 33 of our friends and family members) gathered in Santa Brigida, Italy, twenty miles outside Florence for a fairytale wedding in the chapel of a 14th century castle. 

Then in October 2006, to our daily delight, "Cork" our Bearded Collie joined our family...what a year! 

Fast forward two years. After diligently nurturing and encouraging our Syrah vines we harvested our first crop in September of 2008. Then after waiting a long 18 months for the juice to mellow in American oak barrels we bottled our first wine in early 2010. Our first year's production was 32 cases of wine. 

That wine was named Frutta di Luna, an Italian spelling of "fruit of the moon", a nod to the beautiful Fallbrook full moons that reminded us of the big avocado seeds we saw when opening our fresh daily avocados. Read more about our labels.

In the years that followed that Syrah block has continued to increase yield and it is now producing a little over 100 cases a year. 

Four years later, in 2010, we bought the one and a half acre lot next door to our home and added four new grape varietals to our vineyards, Sangiovese, Grenache, Mourvedre and Sauvignon Blanc. At that point, with 2000 grape plants, we realized going forward – we are now in the wine business.

The Inspiration Behind
our (NEW) Logo

In those early years we received a "cease and desist" letter from a law firm that represents Napa Valley's Kendal Jackson Winery and Vineyards. They informed us that they had the copyright on the name Jackson Vineyards and demanded us to immediately stop using the "Jackson Vineyards" name. 

In 2015 we officially changed our business name to "Latica Vineyards".  We loved the little "bottles" that we saw growing in the flower of our grape clusters (see pictures below) and knew this had to be part of our logo.