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Rumore Bianco
2014 & 2016


The first harvest in 2014 was in the new vineyard.  Our Sauvignon Blanc caught us off guard by ripening in August! It was picked, crushed, fermented in steel containers and bottled within three months.  At Thanksgiving, we toasted our first, amazing taste of this delightful, white varietal.  (We think this is our classiest label.) 


Rumore Bianco 2014

Sold only by the Pack or Case - $21/Bottle

3 Bottles/Pack = $63
6 Bottles/Pack = $126
12 Bottles/Case = $252


Rumore Bianco 2014, Bottles/Pk/Case:
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Rumore Bianco 2016

Rumore Bianco 2016, Bottles/Pk/Case:
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This Sauvignon Blanc is grown on an east facing hillside in northern San Diego County. Cool nights and warm days help produce this crips, elegant and fresh white wine. 

When slightly chilled it pairs well with fish or cheese, particularly chevre. It is also known as one of the few wines that can pair well with sushi. 

These Sauvignon Blanc Grapes are gently nurtured for you with love.



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