The Cave ...


To this day nearly all of our visitors believe the story Bill tells about us finding The Cave buried in the hillside after it had been forgotten there for hundreds of years.

Here's the rest of the story.


It all started...

When we saw the volume of grapes from our first harvest we realized that we would SOON need a place to store the wine we were beginning to create. Of course wine needs to be stored at a cool temperature. That presented a challenge in sunny California. At first we thought we would convert one of our bedrooms into the wine storage room and cool the wine with our home air conditioner. file

Then on one of Bill's bi-weekly trips back to Wichita, he saw an old antique door in Abode, our furniture store. Josh, Bill's son, had bought it at an architectural salvage wholesaler at the Dallas Furniture Market. After seeing the door Bill knew he had to find a place to use it for our wine storage. He told Josh if it didn't sell in the next two months that we would buy it. The door didn't sell so we bought it and had it shipped to California. Where it sat leaning up against the wall of our garage for up to six months. The door appeared to be hundreds of years old, massive and hand-carved, not a style that would fit in our contemporary designed home.

The next part of the story we're not sure of, ....... what triggers inspiration? 

One day, Bill was standing in our vineyard looking up at a steep hillside between our house and the Vineyard. Then in a flash he realized what to do, we could scoop out a couple of large dump truck loads of dirt from the hillside, bring in a creative mason to create a very large concrete box, then the door would become the entrance to our wine cave! 

Six weeks later Deb Drager, a local artist from Wichita, KS, and her assistant came from Wichita to do the artistic painting and magic to create the illusion of a 17th century wine cave.

Click on the photos below to see some of the amazing details that went into the illusion that adds credence to the story Bill tells about finding this hidden treasure buried in our hillside.